About Us

KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. is founded by Mr. Tan Chong Hooi in year of 1994. In year of 1982, Mr. Tan start-up with small chicken stall in Pasar Jinjang Utara, when he was 20 years old. Mr. Tan decide expand his business in poultry industry because he foreseen the potential of this market and the importance of chicken in our living life. Chicken consider the most price-affordable and high acceptable meat type in Malaysia compare to others. KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. is the first production site which setup in Sri Damansara with the huge investment on automated machineries to ensure the high volume of production which more efficiency and hygienic way.

Besides, the granted of Halal Certificate Malaysia, VHM certified and IOS certificate that proven the outstanding of product quality and safety. And, the existence of Islamic Slaughter Certificate and Halal Certificate Malaysia allow KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. to supply for customer with the need of halal requirement.

KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. maintained good relationship with their supplier and made long-term contract with poultry farms to ensure and guarantee the supply of chicken. Besides, contract farming, our company also have more than 16 owned poultry farms located at Malaysia. Due to the different customer requirement, KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. also supply fresh and frozen whole chicken, chicken parts, beef, mutton and egg.

KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. target on the wide range of customers include wholesaler, retailer, restaurant, wet market and end user. Thus, KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. have many outlets in different location with providing delivery service to easier reach customer. Until year of 2017, KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. had 6 outlets that located at Seri Kembangan, Subang, Jinjang, Selayang, Meru and Ipoh.

KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. promise to deliver the best quality of product with reasonable price.

KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. aim to increase the number of production factory and outlets and location in different state of Malaysia. Besides, KL Supreme Processing Sdn. Bhd. will broaden the variety of product lines and become one-stop supply in future.